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The Climbing Specialty Program is offered all 8 weeks of the summer.  It can accommodate a maximum of 10 Campers to 1 Climbing Instructor.  This program is for campers 12-14 years old.
Aimed at developing competent and capable sport climbers this program will focus on climbing, bouldering techniques, and belay skills.

Program Highlights:

  • Learn important climbing knots
  • Have a good understanding of climbing techniques
  • Be able to belay with a variety of devices
  • Campers will also learn techniques to improve their conditioning making use of our training area and daily conditioning sessions
  • Participate in Climbing Tower time trail fun event
  • Fun Bouldering Competition
  • Learn how to set a route on a Bouldering Wall

In addition campers can expect to enjoy some time on the Low Ropes, High Ropes, Rappelling, Climbing Tower, Bouldering, Slack Lining & Indoor Climbing Wall! Campers will be offered a free swim each day.
Climbing Shoes which can be purchased from most outdoor stores are beneficial to a successful experience in this program.