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The Mice program is for those campers that will be 4 years old only. The ratio is 1:5.
AGE: 4 yrs

The Mice program is for those campers that will be 4 years old only. The ratio is 1:5.

The goals of the Mouse program are the following:
•    To provide a program that allows children the opportunity to make use of their five senses to explore the natural world around them.
•    To provide young children with the opportunity to develop a sense of independence from parental figures in a safe and supportive learning environment.
•    To provide a program that encourages the development of the following life skills; co-operation, independence, listening.

Program Highlights:

•    The Mice have their own classroom where they will spend time each day doing crafts, having story time, and exploring activity centers.
•    Each day they will visit the waterfront for their daily swim session. Sessions take place in our supervised waterfront area and/or in our renovated three foot deep above ground swimming pool, weather permitting. During swim campers in the mouse program must wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) regardless of existing swim level.
•    Mice will have the opportunity to visit the Craft, Music and Nature Specialists and explore many of our magical theme areas at camp! These include the Leprechaun National Forest, the Hobbit and Fairy Village in the trees, the Magical Cedar Grove and the Mystical Marsh for dipnetting.
•    Mice will take their snacks and paddle along the shoreline in the big Voyageur canoe to “Rosie’s Castle” and maybe even look for her purple egg!
•    Science-TASTIC activities and our Magical Garden Adventure round out the week.

Staff assist campers in applying insect repellant before hikes into the forest and encourage long pants and shirts. There are marquee tents and large trees on site providing shaded program areas as well as an indoor pavilion. Staff assist the campers in applying sunscreen at least twice a day and encourage campers to drink at least 2 litres of water daily.