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The KDC Integration provides 1:1 support for children and youth with special needs.
Available to Junior Integration Campers age 4-14 and Senior Integration Campers age 15.

The Integration Program pairs a dedicated staff person to a camper who requires additional support and/or accommodation in order to be successful in the program.  The ratio of support is always 1:1.  The additional cost associated with this program are associated with the assignment of a knowledgeable, certified staff that directly supervises the camper, enabling their full and safe participation in scheduled activities.  

The Integration Program is set-up to register up to 10 campers per week (80 per summer).  Integration Families register online. Registered integration campers will receive a call and/or email early in the Spring from our Integration Supervisor to set up a call or meeting with you and your family!  Parents are also required to complete a detailed Camper Profile document that will help us understand the support and/or accommodation needed for each camper. Campers and Integration Families may need to consider alternative supports if a requested accommodation cannot be safely implemented.

Outside staff, volunteers or family members are not permitted to work or volunteer on site.  All staff working with a KDC camper must be employed and trained by Seneca College, King Day Camp.

All Integration Counsellors are certified (at minimum) in:

  • Standard First Aid & CPR-C
  • Non Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI)
  • High Five Training : Principles of Healthy Child Development

For more information, please contact the KDC office directly at or call (416) 491-5050 Ext. 55042